All New GTA VI is Coming Soon

Rockstar games makes world’s best games without a doubt and they have been consistently doing this since 19 years now. They launched the first GTA game in 1997 which was a super hit game in that time. Since that day they have really come a long way and have made exceptional improvements in their GTA franchise. We are living in 2016 and it might be the time for the Rockstar games to announce the next installment of the GTA series, the GTA VI.

Rockstar games is planning big this time and they have made great improvements in the GTA VI over GTA V which is currently their best selling game of all times. Let’s have a look at what’s about to change or get better in the GTA VI.

New GTA 6

  1. Vehicles

In GTA V, Rockstar Games had similar looking cars that we have in real life. For example, we had Bugatti like car which was also the fastest car in the GTA V, just like real world. However, this time we will not be playing with similar looking cars but the licensed cars as Rockstar games have decided to include licensed cars from manufacturers. This is a great move and as you know that we can customize the cars, this will be a great thing to look forward to in GTA VI.

Other great thing is wide options in customizing your car. Earlier you were able to modify your car in outer appearance like body skirts, window tints etc, but now you will now be able to modify your sound system, upholstery color and much more as well as Sims 5.

  1. Female character

Another great thing about the GTA VI will be introduction of female character in their game. Game freaks will now be able to play with a female which will be a bad-ass character. Rockstar games know that they have a lot of female following and to do something for their likes, they have included a female character. This way they will be targeting a new demographic and can expect even higher sales.

  1. Map

GTA San Andreas had one of the biggest maps in the GTA Series till 2008 and when the GTA V came out, the map grew even more. But to be honest, the map always revolved around Los Angeles and California. This time, Rockstar Games is going to include Miami as well as other countries. You can fly to other countries like a normal person and enjoy the beautiful places.

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Well, this is what we all are waiting. Rumors say that Rockstar Games will launch the game this year but it is always safe to ignore the rumors as Rockstar games themselves admit that a map that big will take at least 5 years of work. This means that it will be released in 2020. Well, all we can do is wait for a word from Rockstar Games.



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