Dewalt Dw735x Review

Dewalt Dw735x is one of those perfect tools which can be used efficiently as wood planers. This amazing tool has a 20,000 APM motor and also 10,000 RPM cutter head speed. Undoubtedly this wood cutter can be used on larger wood and materials and that too with ease. Along with this, it also comes with a two speed gear box which can help you to change speed and also optimize cutting to achieve perfection. The product is manufactured by one of the best companies in the market, which is why two speed thickness planers is quite impactful and is widely used in the world of cutting.

Use Dewalt Dw735x 

Once you have this powerful product in your hand, I am sure it would be hard for you to resist yourself from using the product. So, what are you waiting for take some oak and conduct a test on it. I am sure while conducting the test; you will notice that it is a powerful product pack that comes along with loads of power. One of the best things using this is it has no noticeable spine. Majority of the wood planers have the tendency of producing snips, but such is not the case while you are using Dewalt.

Sniping and cutting

While sniping has emerged as one of the serious issues in most of wood planers, such is not the case with Dewalt Dw735x. Moreover it has all the signs of a brilliant product, wherein user will not have to encounter any problem while cutting the oak. In fact, you will find that oak shall be cut to perfection and believe me that shall hold true in every case. Once you have this product in your hand, all your strain and pain is going to end.

Quality wood planer

Dewalt Dw735x is considered to have some of the best qualities which are often found to be missing in other products. The three knife cutter head has 30% longer life in comparison to other knives. Moreover it is quick and easy to use for users who have had not got the chance to deal with wood planers. Hence, once you have this wood planer by your side you need not have to think about its quality. Instead you can keep using it for many years to come without having to spend extra penny on it.

Speed control

The speed on wood planer can be easily controlled with the two speed gear box installed in the device. With this speed gear box it allows CPI to either cut 96 or 170 inches. Hence users can conveniently control the speed and cut wooden panels as per their requirement and need.


With vast range of features available in the product, Dewalt Dw735x is the must choice to make. Customers from all over the world can have access to it and make the most of it. Hence no matter if you have budget constraints, you can try your hands on this and make its best use for cutting wood panels and also carrying out other works related to it.

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