How to Clean a Coffee Maker ?

Have you ever tasted bitter coffee? It leaves your mood better, actually. Most of us prefer to make coffee within a coffee maker and it is exactly when your coffee feels to be bitter, that you need to plan for a coffee maker clean up.


Why should you regularly clean your coffee maker?

Coffee makers when used on a regular basis can lead to severe mineral build-up. At the same time, you need to clean the coffee oils that get continuously deposited inside the coffee maker. These oils then create a layer on the inside surface, and most of us do not know, that this creates a bitter taste. Therefore, if you love to drink coffee, you should spend some time in cleaning the coffee maker.  

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What you need in order to clean the coffee maker?

Most of us, who are regularly used to drinking coffee from automatic coffee makers, probably use soap or different categories of detergents, in order to clean the coffee maker. But you need to know certain tips and techniques while cleaning the coffee maker. Read this blog to know more about how to keep your coffee maker clean.

What are the components that you require in order to clean your coffee maker?

Materials: This includes scrubber or a scotch brite along with some warm water. Simultaneously, you can use liquid detergent of reputed brands

  • Coffee maker – The machine or the device needs to be cleaned with normal water first.
  • Water – make sure that you use clean water to wash the coffee maker
  • White vinegar – this should be used in requisite quantities while cleaning the coffee maker.
  • Hot soapy water – This can be made by mixing liquid detergent along with warm water
  • Sponge- Sponge can be used instead of scotch brite.
  • Damp dish towel – this is an important component in cleaning the coffee maker
  • Dry dish towel –this is as well an important component in performing the activity

Emptying the coffee making device: Empty and rinse the device. Clean the coffee beans if any along with the remnants.

  • Mix water and vinegar: Mix the water and vinegar in order to create the cleansing mix
  • Run a half brew cycle: It is important that you start a brew cycle. After some time, switch it off and wait for at least an hour
  • Finish the brew cycle: After an hour or so, turn on the coffee maker and let the cycle of brewing be completed.
  • After the brew is completed run water cleansing thoroughly to clean off residual particles. Remember that this water should not contain vinegar.

Repeat the entire process, if required. But make sure that you keep your coffee maker clean, wiped once the process is completed. Clean the exteriors as well! Look at the shine and brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee!

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